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Welcome to the 'Race' and Culture Faculty website

The 'Race' and Culture Faculty is a network of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology. We aim to help Psychologists and other interested professionals to think about ethnicity and cultural diversity and of inequalities based on these differences. We encourage the exchange of information and ideas and promote research and learning.

Aims of the Faculty:

The aims of the Faculty shall be:

  • To ensure that services are relevant and accessible to people from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities.
  • To improve communication between clinical psychologists on issues of 'race' and culture.
  • To inform clinical psychologists of examples of good practice in service delivery via e-mail, meetings and the website.
  • To promote cultural competence in individual clinicians, groups of professionals, and institutions to the needs of people from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities.
  • To challenge racism in professional practice through adherence to policies and practice.
  • To promote strategies that increase Black and Minority Ethnic Communities to the profession of Clinical Psychology.
  • To promote the view that training in clinical psychology should reflect the needs of people from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities.
  • To promote research on issues relevant to the psychological health of people from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities.
  • To disseminate psychological information and knowledge about issues of 'race' and culture to the DCP and related sub systems.
  • To provide support and consultation in terms of a reflective space for Clinical psychologists at all levels (qualified, trainees and assistants) from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities as well as psychologists from the majority population to promote equitable practice.
  • Contributing and responding to policy documents.
  • Liaison with other bodies including DCP user reference group, voluntary organizations, user groups and community groups in order to ensure that service provision serves the population at large.

Mission Statement

Psychologists working to advance the development of inclusive and meaningful knowledge and practice with and for ethnically diverse communities’

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